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Psychological clinic in paseo colonial: evaluation approach and psychotherapy for victims of domestic violence, domestic, domestic, child abuse and sexual abuse.

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San Fernando de Maldonado - Maldonado - Uruguay

Consultorio Psicológico en Paseo Colonial

psychological clinic in Paseo Colonial:

Evaluation approach and psychotherapy for victims of domestic violence, domestic, domestic, child abuse and sexual abuse.

individual psychotherapy, couple and family: approach: stress, depression, anxiety disorders, eating More...
3 de Febrero entre 18 de Julio y Dodera. Paseo Colonial. - Maldonado - Uruguay

Dental clinics in Maldonado -
Health and cosmetic dentistry for the entire family! Extractions, resins, dentures, bridges, cleaning of tartar, teeth whitening, aesthetic restorations, dental prevention, periodontics,...

Dentists in Uruguay
The multidisciplinary team of Professor Dr. Bernardo Wolfsohn performs a comprehensive treatment of oral health, and specializes in cosmetic, botox and hyaluronic acid for facial...

Clinica Odontologica

Soler 623 esquina rincon - San Carlos - Maldonado - Uruguay

Psicólogo Daniel Eskibel

30 years of clinical experience with children, adolescents, adults and couples.
Hidra y Acuario, Parada 39 - Pinares - Las Delicias - Maldonado - Uruguay
Maldonado 815. San Carlos

LDB Laboratorio de Desarrollos Bioquímicos

We are a specialized in assisted reproduction, diagnosis and treatment of high and low complexity.

We have a team of professionals with vast experience and cutting edge technology.
Av. Córdoba y Cámpora, Clínica Mondueri-Ruiz - Punta Del Este - Maldonado - Uruguay

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Medical Assistance: We have three offices, collection room, waiting room and administrative space. We are about 20 professionals at the Shopping Clinic, we...

Doctors in Uruguay
I specialize in translation and editing of articles, papers and reports to and from English in the fields of genetics, biochemistry, medicine, pharmacy and laboratory. ...

Construcion en Ceco

Jobs gypsum PVC steel frame house.
Maldonado Bario San Fernando - Aiguá - Maldonado - Uruguay

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